Sunday, May 30

Summer Blockbuster Party

In addition to sunny weather, vacations, and ice cream, another great thing about summer is all the new movies that come to theaters! Summer is the best time for blockbuster, hit movies. There are a ton of new movies coming out between Memorial Day (May 31) and Labor Day (September 1), including:
Iron Man 2
Robin Hood
Shrek 3
Prince of Persia
The A-Team
Toy Story 3
The Karate Kid

The list goes on and on! For this assignment, choose one movie that you have seen or are excited about seeing and plan a SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER PARTY around its release. You can plan party music, decorations, food, and games based on your movie choice.

For example, if I was to plan a KARATE KID party, I could have a Chinese pinata and some Chinese food since the movie takes place in China. I would organize party games where guests could win different color belts, like yellow, white, or black, to represent karate belts. The Black Belt would go to the winner of the most games. We might have a special screening of the ORIGINAL Karate Kid movie and eat popcorn, like we were at the theater.

What Blockbuster will you use to plan your summer party? What music, decorations, food, and games will be involved?


  1. June 19 Alot many kinds ot movics Iron Man 2 Shrek Forever After
    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time