Tuesday, September 28

Remembering Our Ancestors: Family History Month

What gifts did you inherit from your ancestors? What ways did they shape who you are today? October is Family History Month! (See here: http://familycrafts.about.com/od/holidays/p/FamilyHistoryMonth.htm)

One way to honor and remember ancestors is to remember the special moments in their lives and celebrate them in your life. For example, in the traditional Chinese culture, families keep pictures of their ancestors on a special wall in the room that is used for family gatherings. This month, plan a celebration to honor your ancestors in some way.

Make a list of special days in your family's history, including your ancestors' birthdays or weddings. Turn this list into a family tree or a family history calendar.

Here are some websites to get your started on compiling a family history to remember your ancestors:

Safety First!

An important part of planning parties for children is ensuring the safety of your pint-sized guests. Young children are naturally curious and adventurous, and while this makes their parties fun and exciting, it can also make it difficult to monitor everyone.

This month, plan a children's party that will be fun for children AND adults. What will you do to make sure that the children are having fun, but that the adults do not have to spend the whole party watching the kids? How will you plan activities that keep the kids engaged and safe?

Here are some websites about child safety:

Cowboys and Art

Great job planning a cowboy party at the Western Art Museum! What a great day!

Thursday, September 9

Halloween Party Pre-planning

It's never too early to start planning a Halloween-themed party! Think of traditional things associated with Halloween: ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, monsters, spiderwebs, and more. What ways can you plan a Halloween party in your own unique way, putting a twist on those traditional themes?

Here are some websites to help you:

Yee Haw Cowboy Party!

You're Wanted... to Plan a Cowboy Themed-Party!

Make a list of items, food, music, and activities associated with cowboys and the Wild West. How will you incorporate these things into a cowboy (or cowgirl!)- themed party?

Yee Haw!

Celebrating 80 Years

Looks like everyone had a wonderful time at Jackie's 80th birthday party extravaganza! Congrats on a successful party!