Wednesday, May 5

Cultural Celebration

In honor of today's holiday, Cinco de Mayo (the fifth of May), this month's assignment is to plan a CULTURAL CELEBRATION. For this assignment, choose a culture that you are interested inand would like to learn more about. You could select your culture based on your favorite foods: Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Thai, Italian, Ethiopian, or ANYTHING else!

Before you plan your party, you should learn more about that country's holidays, beliefs, celebrations, language, clothing, habits, and-- of course-- food and decorations. Using or, type in your country of choice and start taking notes!

1) What did you learn about your new culture that you can use to plan a cultural celebration?

2) What are some common foods that will be included at your celebration?

For even more ideas, contact your local restaurants that serve your culture's foods. Find a menu online or in the store to help you plan!

3) How will you decorate your party in a way that represents your new culture?

4) What type of music and activities will you play to teach your guests about the culture?

5) What are some common phrases in your country's language that you could learn and share with your party guests?

Some suggestions might be: Hello, Goodbye, Thank you, You're welcome, and Enjoy the party!

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  1. Thailand travelrs, the Monarchy-picture of king, history chart, lqnguage, Theravata Buddhism, Food !