Monday, June 28

Creating a Business Plan

Over the past nine months, you have learned a lot about party planning. Now it is time to develop your "party brand" and create a mock company.

In order to do this, you must develop a business plan that includes some important features to attract customers. You are advertising yourself and your services, and you want people to want you!

In your business plan, include:
- Your company name

- A slogan/motto (This is a short, catchy phrase that describes what your company does. It should be memorable, so that when people hear it, they think of you. Some examples might be: "It's everywhere you want to be" (VISA), "Once you pop, you can't stop" (PRINGLES), "Just do it" (NIKE), or "I'm lovin' it" (MCDONALDS).)

- A mission statement (This is a longer statement of what your company's goals are. What do you want your guests to experience and/or remember about your parties?)

- A logo (This is a colorful graphic that represents your company. It should include some symbols of your company- like a party hat or streamers, for example- and the company name.)

To get ideas for your party planning business, including a name, slogan, mission statement, and logo, spend some time searching the Internet for other examples of businesses. What good ideas can you take from other companies to turn into your own?

Let's Make A Deal: Contracts

Now that you have a business plan in place, it is time to practice writing an event contract and perfecting your negotiation skills.

In your event contract, it will be important to identify the following:
- Date, time, and location of party
- Brief description of party project
- Cost
- Deadlines for payment
- What is included in fee (such as decorations, music, etc.)
- What is NOT included in fee (such as food, etc.)
- How conflicts/problems will be resolved

Tips for Writing:

Sample Contracts:

What will your sample party contract look like?