Wednesday, March 31

Graduation Party

One important tradition at this time of year is graduation! No matter what age or "grade" you are graduating from, it is a very exciting time for the graduates and their families. Often, graduations are accompanied by big celebrations that honor the graduate's accomplishments and hard work.

What do you think are important parts of a graduation party?

Graduations are inspiring times, too. It is an end to school, but a beginning to a whole new life. There are many famous quotations about graduation. Gather some of your favorite quotations from the following websites and compile them in a creative way to celebrate YOUR favorite graduate this year. You could put them into a scrapbook, on a collage, or organize them in whatever way you like.

Spring has Sprung!

A new season is here, and what better inspiration for a party than the coming of spring! One of the best parts of spring is the new life it brings: birds can be heard chirping again, little critters come out of hibernation, and flowers poke through the ground.

For this assignment, think of something related to spring and plan a party around that theme. Some suggestions:
  • Gardening: Plant a flower or even a whole garden. Make a compost area.
  • Animal life: Go birdwatching, to the zoo, or to a petting zoo.
  • Earth Day: Learn about Earth Day's history. Turn off the lights to conserve energy. Plant a tree!
  • Picnics
  • Hiking
More ideas:

There are many places around that can help you get into the spring spirit and give you good ideas for your party.

Oakhurst Community Garden:
Emory Community Garden:
Earth Day Initiative:
Atlanta Dogwood Festival: