Saturday, July 31

National Day of __________ Party!

There are popular holidays, like Christmas and Thanksgiving, and then there are the "National Day of ______" holidays. Did you know that July 30 was National Cheesecake Day, and that there are National Days for hugging, grandparents, blue jeans, ice cream, and even pets?

Here are two websites that lists hundreds of "national" holidays. They are organized by date, so pay particular attention to AUGUST. Find a day that you think is funny and could lead to a good party. Plan a party around the special one-day celebration.

Here are some of my favorites that make me laugh. What are yours??
National Underwear Day
National Fresh Breath Day
National Creamsicle Day
National Potato Day (mmmm french fries!!)
National Toasted Marshmallows Day (mmmm s'mores!!)

It's a Bird, It's a Plane... It's a Superhero Party!

Each summer, two big conventions celebrate superheroes, science fiction, comic books, and all things entertainment. First, there is "Comic-Con," held each July in Los Angeles. Then, there is "Dragon-Con," held this August in Atlanta. Thousands of people dress up as their favorite characters from movies, television, and comic books to attend the conventions, and there are all sorts of special parties and events planned during the convention weekends.

Taking a cue from the fans of Comic-Con and Dragon-Con, design your own theme party to celebrate your favorite superhero, science fiction, or comic book characters.

To help you plan, here are some articles about the conventions:,1.shtml

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