Tuesday, October 20

Assignment #2: Autumn Party


The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are turning beautiful colors, and the smell of apples and pumpkins is in the air. That means it is time to plan an AUTUMN PARTY! Using the internet, magazines, or books, you will plan all aspects of a special autumn-themed party!

Part 1) Autumn Ideas: Just like you did with the lists of parties in Assignment #1, you are going to create another list. Make a list to respond to each of the questions below. List as many things as you can think of and have fun!

  • ·      What does autumn FEEL like? (Example: To me, autumn feels like the inside of a pumpkin! All juicy, and kind of sticky!)
  • ·      What does autumn SMELL like? (Example: To me, autumn smells like apple pie and pumpkin bread!)
  • ·      What does autumn SOUND like? (Example: To me, autumn sounds like leaves crunching beneath your feet!)
  • ·      What does autumn TASTE like? (Example: To me, autumn tastes like apple cider, warm and fruity!)
  • ·      What things do you like to do in autumn? (Example: I like hiking in autumn and taking pictures of leaves.) 

Part 2) Party Location

Using the lists you have just made, pick out your favorite things in autumn. Now, you need to decide on a location for your party that is somehow related to your favorite things. For example, if you really like pumpkins, you could have your autumn party at a pumpkin patch with a hayride! Tell me about your party location:

  • ·      Where is it?
  • ·      How many people can attend a party there?
  • ·      What makes this place so special?

Part 3) Guest List

How many people do you want to have at your party?

Part 4) Party Menu

Now that you have a location and a guest list, you can start planning the next important feature: the menu! Yummy! Use websites to find yummy recipes that remind you of autumn. Then, decide how much you will need to feed all your guests.

  • ·      Appetizers
  • ·      Main dishes
  • ·      Desserts
  • ·      Drinks

Part 5) Party Entertainment and Activities

What will people do at your party? How will everyone have fun together? Make a list of the activities you will do at your party.

Part 6) Party Decorations

How will you decorate for your party? If your party is inside, you want to make sure everyone feels like it is autumn! Use websites like www.marthastewart.com to find out how to make your own autumn decorations!


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