Sunday, October 4

Assignment #1: Different Types of Events

Your first assignment is to make a long list of as many types of events and parties as you can think of! You can list types of special events, holidays, or occasions that one might throw a party. It is important that you know about how many types of parties you can throw, so you can decide which ones you would most like to plan!

Write your list in a response to this post. Happy researching!


  1. Band Contest Party
    Magic Show Party
    Zoo Party
    Pool Party
    Basketball Party
    Circus Party
    Medieval Times
    Hike Party
    Bellydance Party
    Princess Party
    Surprise Party
    Opera Party
    Concert Party
    Game birthday Party
    Pizza Party
    Graduation Party
    Museum Party

  2. What a great list. All of your party ideas are so creative and original! I am looking forward to seeing your creative responses for the future assignments, too.