Wednesday, March 31

Spring has Sprung!

A new season is here, and what better inspiration for a party than the coming of spring! One of the best parts of spring is the new life it brings: birds can be heard chirping again, little critters come out of hibernation, and flowers poke through the ground.

For this assignment, think of something related to spring and plan a party around that theme. Some suggestions:
  • Gardening: Plant a flower or even a whole garden. Make a compost area.
  • Animal life: Go birdwatching, to the zoo, or to a petting zoo.
  • Earth Day: Learn about Earth Day's history. Turn off the lights to conserve energy. Plant a tree!
  • Picnics
  • Hiking
More ideas:

There are many places around that can help you get into the spring spirit and give you good ideas for your party.

Oakhurst Community Garden:
Emory Community Garden:
Earth Day Initiative:
Atlanta Dogwood Festival:

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